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Terms & Conditions/Rules

Post by Administrator on Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:33 pm

Terms & Conditions/Rules

mig33-gang rules:
Arrow Do not do any illegal task that may dishonor mig33-gang anyhow. If you commit any illegal task, we would not wait to punish you.
Exclamation Illegal tasks: Making clone IDs, abusing, posting topics not related to mig33-gang, posting topics related-sexsual activities, misbehaving with Administrator or Moderators or other members.
Exclamation Punishment: Banned for particular periods or forever (it depends on intensity of illegal task).
Arrow Do not flood in mig33 chat rooms.
Arrow Do not kick any mig33 user in chat rooms without reason.
Arrow Do descent chat in mig33, do not slang or abuse.
Arrow Try to be a regular member of mig33-gang. You must log in mig33-gang at least 5 times and post at least 15 posts a week.

Before registering in mig33-gang, you are agree with these Terms & Conditions/Rules.

Read mig33-gang Terms & Conditions carefully.

Number of posts : 57
Age : 28
Location : Earth:\\Bangladesh\\Dhaka.exe
mig33 username : fix_power
Registration date : 2007-12-26


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