We Have Upgraded Some Chatroom Games!

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We Have Upgraded Some Chatroom Games!

Post by sidhenecromancer on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:17 pm

Everyone loves playing our classic Chatroom Games like “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, “Heads or Tails”, “Girlfriend” and “Boyfriend”.

We have just upgraded the games made them even more fun than before!

Rock, Paper, Scissors and Heads or Tails
Pit yourselves against your friends and you can now stand to win migCredits too in these all-time favourite games!

You can now use premium commands to ask for personal predictions (!w) and inspirational quotes (!q).

Use premium commands to make your boyfriend entertain you with corny jokes (!c) and pick-up lines (!p).

Log in to mig33 and have fun today!
*Note* there will be a nominal charge of USD 0.02 for each premium command used.

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