Game Suggestions!

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Game Suggestions!

Post by sidhenecromancer on Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:07 am

We at mig33 need your feedback on types of games you woulf like to see on mig.
So if you have a gereat game idea or just have a suggestion on your favorite game
you would like to see on our application,
please reply to this thread with your ideas!
Please put your ides in the following format.
Thank you in advance!


Working Title: steps

• Synopsys: Trapped in a room you have to go up the steps to claim your prize and freedom!
• Players: 3-6
• Pot: Users pay a small amount and the winner gets the pot
• Description & Rules:
o Users have to go up a set of stairs to go up, left right or middle
o Each set of stairs has a set number of steps
o Each stair may or may not have a trap, it is the user’s luck.
o once a user steps on a trap they are out
o the first to the top wins

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