Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

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Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

Post by m.a.g.e.s.t.i.c on Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:00 pm

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley wants about 400m for the club

The Nigerian consortium hoping to buy Newcastle United has told the BBC it has presented its bid to the club.

The group is one of several thought to be interested, but is the first to announce it has tabled an offer.

The man fronting the bid, UK-based businessman Chris Nathaniel, refused to confirm the size of the offer.

"We can't at this stage, that's confidential between ourselves and Newcastle, but a bid was put in on Friday evening," he said.

"There's been no timeline given by Newcastle but we hope it will be sometime soon."

Previous reports suggested the Nigerian group had raised 350m and was looking to increase that figure.

United's owner Mike Ashley put the club up for sale in the wake of the
sudden departure of former manager Kevin Keegan, but has insisted he
will hold out for the right price.

But Nathaniel told the BBC's African sports programme Fast Track the Nigerian group would not get involved in a bidding war.

they don't want to do is spend a load of money to buy the club and have
no money to buy players and to work on what is a quite a troubled
infrastructure," he said.

What do you make of the latest in the Newcastle story?
identities of the people behind the deal remain a closely guarded
secret, and Nathaniel said they wanted to remain anonymous until their
bid is accepted.

A spokesman for Newcastle United said the club had no comment to make.

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Re: Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

Post by omilan on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:07 am

Thanks 4 the news bro, it was worth hearing keep posting
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Re: Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

Post by Taki183 on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:24 am

yeah....thanks 4 de news...


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Re: Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

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